Located in the heart of Guindy, Chennai, overlooking the large expanses of the Madras Race Course and Gymkhana Golf Course, The Point is an address that has, quite simply, arrived. With 16 signature apartments, sizes 2260 sq.ft to 2360 sq.ft. each, it offers the best of fine living.

The Point’s louvered facade lets you be in control of your environment.

Close the dynamic louvers to stay away from the afternoon heat and busy street, while letting in the breeze, and open the louvers to take in 880 metres of unobstructed view of the race course.

The louvers span across the entire facade, covering the large continuous decks, offering a vantage point that’s partially enclosed, maintaining your privacy at all times, while allowing room to walk around and enjoy the fresh outdoor air.

The dynamism of the folding facade, combined with the minimalist architecture, thus gives The Point its signature personality.

The Point’s signature apartments are all about intelligent living.
The building’s efficient utilization of energy ensures a marked reduction in operation costs.
Fully monitored security systems allow you and your loved ones to feel safe at all times.

  • 24x7 Integrated Security System
    • Surveillance cameras on the perimeter and common areas
    • Smart Cards, Keypad Access Control systems and Video Intercoms
    • Real-time online access via computers,smartphones and tablets
    • BEE Star-rated energy-efficient common area lighting
    • Energy efficient Building equipments

  • Continuous energy metering
  • Exclusive accessible Service Areas for all apartments to house the air-handling units out of view

Exposed concrete provides strength and beauty that is unmatched by any other material, however, it takes marked expertise to fully utilize it.

The Point’s exposed concrete walls are the result of KSV's vast experience in the field of civil engineering & construction.

The concrete skin walls and brick inner walls contribute to improved building insulation U-Factor, allowing for greater energy conservation and efficiency.

Made from cement with recycled content and locally-sourced aggregates, concrete is a completely green material.

The Point also features exposed aggregate polished concrete flooring for the common areas and lobbies.